Proposed Hybrid Catamaran Layout

  Last Updated: 11/15/20  

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This page is the initial bullet points for a Hybrid system on a catamaran.  It is a history page to see how the final implementation stacks up. 

What kind of System are we thinking about?

The objective would be to not only use electric propulsion, but to have (more efficient) electric cooking and remove the need for gasoline onboard by using an electric outboard on the dinghy.  Propane will still be required for the barbecue, but not nearly as much. 

Other high level goals:

Hybrid System
Sample OceanDrive Multihull layout (used in ITA 14.99). 

Desired Hybrid System

We're going to go with an OveanVolt system similar to the one pictured to the left.
  • 2 OceanVolt SD-15s - with a Gori or Flex-fold props and Ambassodor line-cutters if we can get them customized. 
  • Minimum 14kW generator, preferably 15 or 16kWh.  A 14k Polar Power is significantly lighter than the 15k Fischer Panda (350lbs vs 550), maybe the Polar Polar spec sheet is excluding something, but most everyone believes the Fischer-Panda is more reliable. 
  • Quattro 10k Inverter/Charger - Seems like overkill, but it would handle A/C, that is why it is in the Voyage 480 hybrid. Our A/C will be more efficient but we're adding an electric oven and induction cooktop. 
  • 14 Valence U27-24XP batteries - That gives us nearly 24kWh capacity (18kWh usable). With 3-4 U27's in the HB bank we have plenty of reserve to switch out if there is a failure in the EB or vice-versa.  We'd prefer 6 Victron 24v-100 HE's for 30kWh of capacity with less weight, but apparently the OceanVolt FW can only do Can-Bus (and not NMEA 2000).  While that is 4kWh less than the Voyage 480, it is the same as Top Secret which had 4 SD-15s. 
As discussed above, we may want to deviate from the OceanVolt diagram to the left and wire the solar array to the 24v HB array and not the 48v bus, but that decision can wait.